Bella Thorne to wear bath robe on red carpet?

Bella Thorne has confessed she would love to shun wearing a designer gown in favour of a comfortable bath robe on the red carpet.

Bella Thorne
Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne would love to wear a bath robe on the red carpet.

The 17-year-old actress has admitted she would happily shun sporting designer gowns to star-studded bashes in favour of the comfortable garment after getting used to wearing them during the filming of her new comedy 'The DUFF'.

Discussing current catwalks trends, she said: "I love the infinity scarves coming and the colours coming in are very interesting. I love the mustard yellows and the olive greens.

"You know what I wish though? That people would make it so robes were fashionable because all I do is wear a robe. I showed up in one today, I wore them throughout the movie [The DUFF]. You have to pry it off me."

The flame-haired beauty added she likes to keep her makeup regime simple after learning that wearing fewer products suits her red locks.

She said: "I used to think that I couldn't wear pink but I have found that you can wear pink. Find a shade that compliments both your hair and skin colour. For me, the blush pinks work best. I also find that with red hair, the less makeup you wear, the better.

"I wish I had freckles, at least more than I do....I'd let them shine all the time."

The 'Shake It Up!' star also avoids fake eyelashes to save herself from "beauty blunders" and steers clear of pink lipstick to ensure her smile looks pearly white.

She told E! Online: "If and when you add eyelashes on, you can totally have a beauty blunder when they lift. For this reason, I try and not wear them. Also I have found that bright pink lipstick is a no-no for me. It makes my teeth look yellow."

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