Carmen Ejogo has four baths a day

'Selma' star Carmen Ejogo has revealed she takes up to four baths a day to help her relax.

Carmen Ejogo
Carmen Ejogo

Carmen Ejogo has four baths a day.

The 'Selma' star has revealed her beauty regime consists of bathing excessively and incorporates multiple baths into her daily routine to help her relax.

She said: "I've had as many as three, maybe four baths in a day. Is that really excessive?

"I've got the lavender essential oils and the whole routine down at this point."

The 42-year-old actress - who plays Dr. Martin Luther King's wife Coretta in the Golden Globe-nominated picture - believes beauty is on the inside and takes care to choose roles that aren't too focussed around vanity.

Speaking to Oprah Winfrey for The Violet Files, Carmen - who has two children Elijah and TK with husband Jeffrey Wright - said: "[Beauty] means something different than it did when I was fifteen and aware that how I looked had power.

"Now it's more about character and having something to say. When I see those things in someone, I find that very attractive, particularly in women.

"It's important for me to set an example for my daughter so I actively try to stay away from projects or situations that make me too hung up on the exterior. To be honest that's always been a criteria for choosing work, avoiding the vanity trap."

The brunette beauty also enjoys swimming to help her relax and paints with oils and acrylics to express herself.

She explained: "When I'm swimming. It can be in a pool or, even better, a lake or the sea. But there is something about being underwater that gives you space to think and meditate. It makes me feel very connected to myself somehow. I also come alive when I'm painting. I like to work in oils and acrylics, and the full sensory engagement and self-expression is very stimulating to me."

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