Elle Macpherson's 'greatest regret'

Elle Macpherson has revealed her "greatest regret" is not protecting her skin from the sun in her younger years.

Elle Macpherson
Elle Macpherson

Elle Macpherson's "greatest regret" is not protecting her skin from the sun.

The 50-year-old supermodel has confessed she wishes she'd taken the time to apply sun block in her younger years to save her from developing so many freckles.

She said: "My greatest regret from when I was younger was that I didn't protect my skin from the sun--even though I think I look better with a tan.

"I have plenty of freckles all over my body, and I haven't done anything about it. There's no point in doing lasers because I'm in the sun all the time anyway, but I think sunblock is really important now. Always 50+ SPF. "

The blonde beauty also cares for her complexion by sticking to a strict beauty regime which focusses on keeping her "really dry skin" moisturised with various creams and anti-ageing serums.

She explained: "These days, it's all about stripping back the skin and re-moisturising it because I have really dry skin. Natura Bissē Diamond Cream is so good, and so is their Diamond Life Infusion Retinol Eye Serum. I put Dr. Brandt's Do Not Age Transforming Pearl Serum first and then the diamond cream over the top.

"If I don't exfoliate in the morning, I'll clean my face at night and exfoliate everything gently so that my skin is really soft.

"It's really important to have soft skin."

Elle also confessed that while she likes to relax with a massage, she doesn't have the patience to sit through a facial.

She told Into The Gloss: "I love a massage. I really love massages, but I'm not a big facial person. I can't lay still enough for a mask. I'm not a spa girl. I'm more of a wellness girl."

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