Harper Beckham wears Victoria Beckham heels

Harper Beckham loves trying on her mother, Victoria Beckham's heels, as well as her brothers Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz's football boots.

David and Harper Beckham
David and Harper Beckham

Harper Beckham wears Victoria Beckham's heels.

According to her father, former footballer David Beckham, the three-year-old tot loves dressing up in her fashion designer mum's shoes and even tries out her brothers Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz's football boots.

David said: "The second that Harper walks into the house she'll put on her ballerina outfit and a pair of Victoria's heels but she'll also put the boys' football boots on, so she's got both dimensions."

David, 39 - who was spotted on the front row at his wife's show during New York Fashion Week last month along with Harper, Booklyn, 16, Romeo, 12 and Cruz, nine - is pleased that each of his children have developed their own sense of style.

He told Glamour magazine at the launch of his latest fragrance Gold Instinct: "It's important that children have their own ideas on style and individuality. They're all different - Romeo is different in so many ways, and Brooklyn and Cruz too. Harper has been recognised for what she wears but she likes it - she's a funny little thing."

David - who has launched the scent to mark the ten year anniversary of his fragrance partnership with Coty - added he has learnt a lot from the collaboration and credited working with the team as his favourite part of the process.

He said: "I've definitely learned a lot in 10 years creating fragrances, but really I haven't had to. When I go into a project I like to know everything about it before I do anything at all, but with Coty you're with this roomful of experts who know every smell and every note. To sit with these guys - to learn what works with some things and not with others - that has been the nicest part of this process."

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