Lewis Hamilton's meaningful tattoos

Lewis Hamilton will only get tattoos which are meaningful to him and has admitted he trains to an "intense level" to prepare himself for Formula One races.

Lewis Hamilton only gets meaningful tattoos.

The Formula One racing driver - who has many inkings on his body - makes sure they all have some meaning behind them before going under the needle.

He said: "I love my ink. They all have a meaning. I'm very strong in my faith, so I wanted to have some religious images. I've got Pietà, a Michelangelo sculpture of Mary holding Jesus after he came off the cross, on my shoulder. A sacred heart on my arm. Musical notes, because I love music. The compass on my chest is there because church is my compass.

"Family is everything for me, so I have 'family' written on the top, across my shoulders. 'Faith', obviously. And I have 'powerful beyond measure' written on my chest - it's a short bit I took out of a quote from the writer Marianne Williamson. On my back I have the cross and angel wings: rise above it, no matter what life throws at you."

And Lewis, 30, also admitted he has to train hard at an "intense level" to prepare him for his races.

Speaking in the May issue of Men's Health magazine - which is on sale tomorrow (02.04.15) - he said: "Well, I'm an athlete, but people tend not to see that with F1 drivers. I train to quite an intense level because Formula 1 is so physical - the G-forces, the demands on your body. Your heart rate is 150, 160 through the whole race.

"On qualifying laps, your heart rate can be up to 180, 190 under tough conditions. Every year you've got to be as light as you can. There's a certain weight limit, depending on how heavy the car can be. Last year I had to lose six kilos, I went from 73kg to 67kg. It was hardcore; I didn't have much to lose as it was. So I train a lot."

Watch the exclusive behind-the-scenes video of reigning Formula One champion Lewis Hamilton's cover shoot for the May issue of Men's Health magazine at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yVctLyWCk-c.

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