A Taylor Swift fans seeks date for her gig

A "desperate" Taylor Swift fan has posted a video on YouTube seeking someone to accompany to her gig in Sydney, Australia.

A Taylor Swift fan has made a "desperate" video begging someone to accompany him to her upcoming concert.

Marius Larsen, 30, has created a short clip on YouTube asking for someone to be his date to the singer's forthcoming gig in Sydney after his friends bought him tickets to the event.

He explained: "I moved to a new country. But before that, my friends back home had seen me dancing and singing to a Taylor Swift song."

Marius' friends splashed out on two tickets as a leaving gift in the hope that he could take his girlfriend.

But he said: "The problem is, I still haven't met them."

The pop star enthusiast then posted his contact details in the hope that he'll be able to find a date before the concert later this month.

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