Burger King pays for wedding.

Burger King has paid for the wedding of a couple with the names Joel Burger and Ashley King, who have been known as 'Burger-King' ever since they met.

Burger King has paid for a couple's wedding.

The fast food chain has funded the nuptials of Joel Burger and Ashley King, after discovering they revealed their engagement to their friends by posing in front of the restaurant's sign.

The pair - who are from Jacksonville, Illinois - have been known by the name of 'Burger-King' due to their surnames ever since they became pals at the age of 10 and continued the theme at their wedding by donning paper crowns and giving guests gift vouchers worth £6.50.

Speaking about their marriage, Joel said: "My name is Burger. Hers will be Burger but it will for ever be Burger-King."

And a guest added: "I'm sure it won't be long before Ashley has a bun in the oven."

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