Cassadaga is psychic town

Visitors flock to Cassadaga in Florida, United States - the 'psychic capital of the world' - so they can speak to their deceased loved ones.

Visitors flock to Cassadaga to talk to the dead.

The community in Florida, United States is known for being home to a number of mediums and spiritualists and thus has been dubbed the 'psychic capital of the world,' the Daily Mirror newspaper reports.

However, the town's link with the spiritual world isn't taken well by everyone.

University professor Kristin Congdon explained: "Some people feel standoffish about it like it's a place for witches, or Satanism. There are stories like 'birds don't fly over Cassadaga,' which of course they do [but] when you really start paying attention to what the religion is all about, it really isn't so far-fetched at all."

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