Council switches off streetlights to avoid interrupting glowworm sex

A council has been forced to change their streetlights after it was noticed that the males were being lured away by them

A Welsh council has had to switch off its streetlights to avoid ruining the sex lives of glowworms.

An amateur naturalist, Jenni Cox, first noticed that the streetlights in Llandudno's Marine Drive were disturbing the mating rituals of glowworms in 2011, when she was just walking down the road.

She told WalesOnline: "I counted 300 females, although there didn't seem to be any males finding them.

"Then eventually I noticed up to 50 males were congregating under the street lights."

After Jenni's findings, the council decided to turn off the sodium lamps, but then later replaced them with LED ones, which luckily don't lure the male glowworms away from their female counterparts.

Now that the males aren't being distracted by the streetlights, the glowworm population of Llandudno's Great Orme is booming.

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