Exploding spiders invade Britain

Britain has been invaded by yellow-backed garden spiders that appear to explode when disturbed.

Britain has been invaded by exploding spiders.

The yellow-backed arachnids - called garden spiders - are born in large clusters of up to 800 and live together around door handles, bins and outdoor plants until they are old enough to live independently.

If disturbed the spiders appear to explode before reforming into a cluster once again, reports the Daily Mirror newspaper.

The British Arachnological Society said of the tiny creatures: "If disturbed, the bundle of babies will 'explode', with individual spiderlings dispersing away from each other on tiny silken safety lines.

"Once the danger has passed, they climb back up the web and form a clump again."

Reports of sightings and photographs of the tiny spiders have been flooding social media sites.

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