Government bans people from flushing goldfish down toilet

The government in the Canadian province of Alberta has banned people from flushing their goldfish down the toilet amid fears that doing so has caused a 'monster' species in the wild.

A government has banned people from flushing their goldfish down the toilet.

Local officials in the province of Alberta in Canada have requested residents refrain from flushing their live pets down the loo as it has caused a monster species of the domestic fish to grow in the wild.

The oversized aquatic animals are being found in increasing numbers in local ponds and lakes and threaten other wildlife.

Kate Wilson, aquatic invasive species coordinator at Alberta Environment and Parks explained to CBC News: "It's quite a surprise how large we're finding them and the sheer number.

"That's really scary because it means they're reproducing in the wild, they are getting quite large and they are surviving the winters that far north.

"Approximately a third of invasive species out there that threaten native aquatic environments are from aquariums and the ornamental trade."

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