Man banned from arcade because he is 'too good'

A man got banned from an arcade because his 'claw skills' were too good and he kept winning giant bars of chocolate on a machine.

A man got banned from an arcade because he was too good at the games.

Mckenzie Adams was visiting Skegness from Lincoln when he realised he was particularly skilled at a machine that used claws to pick up giant bars of chocolate.

Over a few days the 24 year old spent around £80 on the 50p-a-go game and won five giant chocolate bars.

However, staff at the Plaza and Lucky Strike arcade weren't so keen on his winning streak and quickly stopped him from using the machine before turning it off, reports Metro newspaper.

Mckenzie said: "I was being watched. When I asked the member of staff they said they were told to be vigilant because I knew how to work the machines.

"I was told I was no longer allowed on the premises and I was barred from the Plaza and Lucky Strike. We were told it was the same as counting cards in the casino."

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