Man eats 32oz of fish in 12 minutes

A man ate a 5,500 calorie fish and chips meal - which contains 32oz of fish - in only 12 minutes.

A man has scoffed down a 5,500 calorie meal of fish and chips in just 12 minutes.

Adam Moran - who is also known as BeardMeatsFood - stuffed down no less than 32oz fish, a mountain of chips and sides at Casey's in Ossett, West Yorkshire, the Daily Star newspaper reports.

Owner John Haggerston said: "I'm always up for a laugh, so when a chef came in and said he didn't think that I could get a bigger fish I was inspired.

"I took on the challenge to find a whopper fish. And the locals have said that it's ace that we're putting the town on the map."

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