Parents spend more time on birthdays than first day of school

A study has revealed parents spend more time trying to give their child the best birthday party than preparing them for their first day of school.

Two thirds (61 per cent) of parents spend more time preparing for their children's birthday parties than for the first day of school.

The research also shows peer pressure is a real worry, with two thirds (64 per cent) of parents having competed with other mums and dads to deliver the best kids bash.

And former 'Great British bake Off' contestant Ruth Clemens has joined forces with Stork butter and whipped up some quick, easy and beautiful recipes which can be made in under an hour, perfect for birthdays.

Ruth commented: "Children's birthday parties are a pivotal calendar event for parents, but there's a perception that the birthday cake needs to be an intricate masterpiece that takes hours to perfect. Birthday cakes don't need to be complicated to be beautiful and delicious, as my cakes made with Stork clearly demonstrate."

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