Relatives request strange funeral floral tributes

Mourning relatives have requested bizarre floral tributes for their late loved ones including the 'Emmerdale' farm.

Mourning relatives have requested the 'Emmerdale' farm to be made into a floral tribute for their late loved one.

Topping the list of bizarre floral arrangements for funerals is the famous Blackpool Tower, with lights included, as well as a British Airways plane and a pacemaker, the Daily Mirror newspaper reports.

Leila Wilcox - who organised the survey which quizzed over 200 funeral directors - said: "We often see some very poignant tributes in our line of work that tend to relate to a person's interests and passions or, quite frequently, their profession.

"For those working in the funeral industry it's quite common to see some rather unusual examples, however sometimes we see requests that even manage to catch us by surprise."

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