Romantic guy proposes with homemade Monopoly board

A guy gave his girlfriend a surprise when he proposed using his own version of a Monopoly board.

A guy proposed to his girlfriend with a homemade Monopoly board.

Justin Lebon recreated the popular game with a chance card that said "will you marry me?" with a dice that would only allow his partner Michal Ott to roll a seven and lead her to the card.

He explained on Imgur:"I handed her a pair of loaded dice. They would only allow her to roll a 7. The number she needed to land on Chance. That's where I put the 'will you marry me card'. She reads the chance card out loud '...Will you marry me?' And then said, 'Is this real?!' "

He then dropped on one knee, and pulled out a ring from a secret compartment in the board.

Luckily, Justin's lover Michal was impressed by his gesture and said "yes".

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