Salon gets raided for offering naked haircuts

A hairdressers that was offering cuts by naked stylists has been raided by police.

Salon gets raided for offering naked haircuts

Russian police raided a hair salon after they were caught offering naked haircuts.

Customers were treated to a trim by a nude stylist for an extra £50 until undercover police officers busted the operation after drunk customers mistakenly took a nearby school for the establishment.

Ludmila Mihailova, the school's headmistress, said: "We could not let the kids out into the playground any longer, there were so many drunken men around trying to get into the building."

Police later discovered that there were more than just naked haircuts on offer which led to the salon's demise.

Regular client Sergey Voronov told The Metro newspaper: "Once you get inside you get met by a girl with big breasts who offers you a cup of coffee and flirts with you. The lights are turned down and they then start to talk about what services they can offer."

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