Squirrel arrested for stalking woman

An "aggressive" squirrel was arrested by German police for stalking a woman.

An "aggressive" squirrel was arrested in Bottrop, Germany after a woman reported it for stalking her.

According to the Daily Star newspaper, the authorities agreed with the woman that it was behaving in an overtly angry way and brought it back to the police station.

The officers posted on Facebook: "A very unusual emergency reached the police in Bottrop this morning - a squirrel pursued a young woman at Oak Street.

"They took the pursuer into custody and brought him to the police station.

"There, the squirrel showed the first signs of exhaustion, which officials counteracted with apple slices and honey tea.

"Well rested, he should then be handed over to a rescue centre."

The squirrel has since gone viral after officers posted a short clip of them feeding the rodent, and it's reached 12,000 views.

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