Superman fanatic warned against getting his 24th surgical procedure

A Superman fan underwent 23 operations to look like his hero but has been warned to stop by medical professionals.

A man who had 23 operations to look like Superman has been warned to stop by doctors.

Herbert Chavez has always dreamed of being a superhero and spent £4,400 on surgical procedures to transform himself into the Man of Steel.

During his appearance on US TV show 'Botched' which features patients with plastic surgery complications he said: "What is there for me to regret?

"Everything that has happened in my life has been positive and because of Superman.

"When my body says it can not endure it anymore or when my doctor says that my body can not handle it because of age, then I will stop."

Herbert, 37, has had nose jobs, liposuction, skin-whitening, fillers and jaw work over 18 years.

However doctors denied his application to have abdominal muscle implants after they learned that he's been injecting himself with unsafe fillers - which have caused spots and bumps all over his body.

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