Teenager rides in coffin to high school prom

A teenager shocked his classmates by opting to arrive at his high school prom in a coffin.

A teenager turned up to his high school prom in a coffin.

Simon May shocked his classmates when he shunned the usual forms of transport and made his way to the event in a wooden casket.

Speaking to the Manchester Evening News newspaper, he explained "I had told my friends I was going to arrive in a coffin but most of them didn't believe me."

Luckily, Simon was able to call on the help of his friend Ethan who works at a funeral parlour.

He said: "He's an apprentice at an undertakers and he asked if I wanted to go to my prom in a coffin.

"I said yes, and the undertakers that he works for put him in touch with a hire company in Manchester for a hearse."

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