Thorpe Park cordons off embarrassing dads

Thorpe Park has set up dancing pens for parents who want to shows off their moves at the Island Beats festival without mortifying their kids.

Thorpe Park has banned embarrassing dads from performing air guitar.

The resort responded to a survey which found dad dancing, 'youth-speak' and public displays of affection are top on the list of behaviour that kids find cringe-worthy, after a YouTube video of a man making some hilarious moves at their concert garnered five million views.

Island Beats festival - which features bands Little Mix, The Vamps, Professor Green and Rixton among others - is being held at the theme park and special areas where flamboyant parents can shack out have now been set up.

According to the research, adults stop learning new dance moves at the age of 25 and parents confuse outdated slang such as 'Duh' (17%), 'Take a chill pill' (16%) and 'As if' (15%) with modern day youth speak.

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