Three banned after fight breaks out at Crufts dog show ending in chairs being thrown

Two judges and a leading dog breeder have been banned from Crufts following a fight involving chairs being thrown

Three people have been banned from Crufts.

A huge row broke out at the world-famous dog show earlier this year, when leading dog breeder Tom Sainsbury grabbed championship judge Billy Goodwin and demanded they had a fight.

The strange incident came about after Tom claimed the judge had been biased towards a bulldog bred from one of his own dogs, with another judge, Sue Garnside, agreeing and becoming infuriated with the situation.

A disciplinary hearing - in which all three were banned from future Kennel Club events, including Crufts - heard she angrily started "chucking chairs" and kicking Billy's pet dog's cage while shouting "nobody messes with Sue Garnside".

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