Video of couple having sex in Beijing Uniqlo goes viral

The quickie allegedly took place in a fitting room of Uniqlo's Sanlitun outlet.

A video of a couple doing the deed in a fitting room of a Uniqlo store in Beijing has gone viral.

The sex selfie, which was allegedly filmed in Uniqlo's Sanlitun outlet, was widely circulated on social media and viewed by millions before it was taken off the web on Wednesday (July 15).  The outlet has also become a tourist attraction with people taking selfies outside the store.

In the minute-long video, the bespectacled man could be heard telling the naked woman to kiss him and “call me husband". Towards the end of the video, a female voice could be heard over an intercom welcoming shoppers to the store.

Beijing police announced on Wednesday that they had received complaints about the video and were investigating the incident. 

Some netizens had speculated that the video was part of a marketing ploy devised by Uniqlo, which the Japanese clothing retailer denied. 

“As a responsible international brand, Uniqlo is dedicated to providing consumers with safe, comfortable and quality shopping experiences and locations,” the company said. “We would like to remind all customers to abide by society’s moral standard... and properly and appropriately use our fitting rooms.”

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