Walkers Beef + Onion crowned the nation's favourite flavour crisps

Gary Lineker wasn't "surprised" when Walkers Beef & Onion crisps were revealed as the winners of the famous crisp brand's Bring it Back campaign as the most nostalgic flavour!

Walkers Beef & Onion flavoured crisps have been crowned the winner of Walkers' Bring it Back campaign.

A staggering 1.3 million votes were cast across the UK with Beef & Onion proving the most popular nostalgic flavour with almost 480,000 votes.

'Match of the Day' host Gary Lineker - who has been the face of the crisp brand for 20 years - commented: "I'm not surprised we had such a huge response from Walkers crisps fans. A day doesn't go by when I'm not asked by someone to bring back a flavour from the past. Now it seems, for Beef & Onion fans, their wish has come true!"

The second most favoured flavoured crisps were Cheese & Chive, following shortly behind by Lamb & Mint, Toasted Cheese and Barbecue.

Beef & Onion will now be available from supermarkets along with the brand new Marmite flavour.

Walkers' Beef & Onion flavour will available to buy in stores nationwide from 23rd of November in a six-pack single format.

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