Woman claims she was 'slashed' by spirit at Alexandra's Palace

A woman claims she was 'slashed' by a ghost during a séance at London's Alexandra Palace.

A woman claims a ghost "slashed" her face during a séance at London's Alexandra Palace.

An evening run by TV psychic Charlotte Codrai - who has worked with 'Most Haunted's' Derek Acorah - for Mind Body & Soul ended dramatically when three women claimed they were touched by a spirit inside the 140-year-old venue.

One shocked woman said during the spooky experience: "I feel like someone just slashed my cheek and blood is coming out. My hands feel numb now."

However, no one could visually see any marks on her.

According to a Daily Express reporter who attended Charlotte had warned guests of what to expect.

She said: "You may feel breath from them, or them touching your hair just allow them to draw closer. You may get a feeling like fine hair or cobwebs across your face as a spirit draws closer."

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