Woman dumps cheating boyfriend’s Apple collection in bathtub

Revenge doesn’t get sweeter than this!

Woman dumps cheating boyfriend’s Apple collection in bathtub

This scorned woman sure knows how to hit her boyfriend where it hurts.

A Japanese woman took revenge on her cheating boyfriend by dumping his beloved collection of Apple products into a bathtub filled with water.

We’re talking thousands of dollars worth of laptops, iPads and even an Apple TV. She even took the trouble to give his iMac, presumably her ex’s favourite and the most expensive gadget in his collection, a single soaking to ensure maximum destruction.

And if that wasn’t enough, she took pictures of them and sent it to him.

The man, also Japanese, took to his Twitter (@foolishnessfly2) on Saturday (April 18) to share the photos and perhaps, attempt to gain some sympathy.

While some netizens (mainly Apple fanatics) supported him, others were all for the woman’s actions.

We think netizen womenspeakup said it best when she pointed out that he should be thankful that it was his Apple and not his “banana” (remember this guy?) that paid the price of cheating. OUCH!

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