10 Incredible Adventures to Tick off your Bali Bucket List

This Bali bucket list is an addition to our previous article “25 things to do in Bali, you would never have imagined possible”, for those who don’t have the time to go through every single of these activities. Tick off these 10 things to do from your Bali bucket list, and ...

This Bali bucket list is an addition to our previous article “25 things to do in Bali, you would never have imagined possible”, for those who don’t have the time to go through every single of these activities.

Tick off these 10 things to do from your Bali bucket list, and we assure you that you will experience Bali at its best!

Bali bucket list #1 – Contemplate the sunset (and the surfers) from the top of Uluwatu’s cliff


Credit to Holiday Bali Mertha

Bathe in the late afternoon sunshine at the top of the cliff in Uluwatu and watch the sunset from Bali’s best ocean view. Our favorite spots is on the roof at The Edge bar hanging on the rock with a cold beer or 2. Find your bench, enjoy the breeze and watch the surfers surfing while the sky displays amazing colors. Life is that simple… contemplate. The Edge is just below the Single Fin where you may have a bite and find a party later in the evening. Cool vibes on that cliff… Make friends for life (or for a couple of nights…). Here, you will always feel on holiday. Do not miss Sunday’s parties at Single Fin!

Bali bucket list #2 – Pamper yourself in an organic spa – In Ubud


Homemade Beauty Product and Massage Workshop

Treat yourself to amazing SPA treatments in a beautiful tropical garden just outside Ubud. This place is a treasured favorite in Ubud. Homemade organic beauty products here are simply to die for. The Balinese owner Jasi, knows her plants and extracts their essence to create natural and fragrant products from the garden. Choose a 1H30 treatment combining a Balinese massage + Boreh (traditional scrub) and end your treatment in a flower bath with a jungle view. To spend a creative day “behind the scenes” join a HOMEMADE BEAUTY PRODUCT AND MASSAGE WORKSHOP – you will learn about the super powers of plants & healing & massage and make your own beauty products with recipes to bring home. Receive also the unforgettable signature facial massage at the end of the workshop to immerse yourself in the Bali bliss.

Bali bucket list #3 – Explore & play for a day canyoning – In the north of Bali


Explore & Play for a day Canyoning

If you love sensations and waterfalls you will have a blast discovering the thrills of canyoning in the most beautiful natural sites of the North of Bali. Swim, walk, jump and play into the wild as you descend amazing gorges along waterfalls. Plan a Canyoning Discovery day in Kalimudah to enjoy a great outdoor experience. Children above 8 years old are welcome to join (and will absolutely love it). Adults can also choose to explore other sites like the Aling Gorges. Bali is lush, rich and wild… don’t miss out on her true nature.

Bali bucket list #4 – Climb a volcano to watch the sunrise – Mt Batur


Climb a Volcano to Watch the Sunrise

This is an old time favourite – Bali is gifted with sacred volcanos and Mount Batur is one of them. Climbing at the very top to watch the sunrise is an absolute must. Nature has a spectacular show to deliver up there if you’re up for trekking by night. We’re talking about a one-hour trek (start from 2 am), steep but easy if you are in good shape. Trek and catch Bali’s best sunrise view, you won’t be disappointed by the reward. “Because when you climb a f…… mountain, you deserve a f…… moment”, take time for coffee at the very top. After dawn, you will begin your descent and reach the hot springs to bathe and relax. End that special morning with a great brunch served by your guides and rest in peace for the rest of the day.

Bali bucket list #5 – Fly over the ocean – Paragliding in Nusa Dua


Fly Over the Ocean

An adventure can’t be complete without flying! Spread your wings to admire Bali’s scenic coastline from high up in the sky. Paragliding is amazing and offer unique bird-like sensations. You will feel safe jumping in a tandem with a great professional. Try something new and take half a day to Paraglide in Bali. If you wish to fly some more you can also do a 2-day Paragliding course and learn the skills to fly solo. Bali is the great place to fly high!


Bali bucket list #6 – Retreat in the mountain to seek waterfalls – In Munduk


Joia Horse Riding

Get taste of the real Balinese rural life in Munduk, on the ridge, where distant paddy and spice plantations create a spectacular scene. The atmosphere is serene and the climate is cooler – Munduk is the perfect destination to take a “breather” and have fun in a cool climate. There are many hidden waterfalls to discover in the area and to make the most of your time there you can join a Cycling and ATV Tour to the Hidden waterfall enjoy the scenic landscapes, quiet jungle and natural pools.

Bali bucket list #7 – Taste and cook authentic Balinese food– In Ubud area


Taste and Cook Authentic Balinese Food

A Balinese chef will share with you his secrets to grow and cook amazing food during this unique food tour and cooking class. Culture is food and food is culture – your adorable local hosts will serve you great insights into Balinese traditions. The cooking class takes place in a traditional Balinese village where you will learn to become a master of spices and flavors. This is a very authentic cultural experience that will easily be listed under the “highlights” of your trip. Not to miss for the foodies: this top 5 cooking classes in Bali.

Bali bucket list #8 – Experience the best rafting in Bali

We have found the best operator for Rafting in Bali – check out this amazing White water rafting trip on the Ayung river, book and enjoy a 5* adventure. The equipment and set up are top quality. Paddle, splash and be thrilled by the wild rainforest, deep gorges and rice paddy terraces at the pace of this sacred river. Children above 5 years old can enjoy the trip as well.

Bali bucket list #9 – Love Yourself and your partner


Twilight Romantic Dinner

Bali is renowned for offering majestic settings for true romance and fine luxury. Romantic picnic on the beach, Private cave fine dining, Water blessings in a holy temple… options to enjoy romance, love and spirit are endless. Get inspired by our selection of the best 18 Romantic dinners in Bali and come to share a unique experience with your partner.

Bali bucket list #10 –  Sail away on a Catamaran to Nusa Lembongan


Sail Away on a Catamaran to Nusa Lembongan

Cruise for a day aboard this luxurious catamaran to discover the remarkable beauty of Nusa Lembongan and the vibrant under water world. Enjoy the best snorkeling in Bali, explore Lembongan island and lounge your way into the sunset on a stunning boat. Food is delicious and service is impeccable. To plan a private cruise on a catamaran contact or team at support@eoasia.com. Boat parties are the best parties !

Hope you enjoyed reading this article and will have a blast in Bali! Keep this Bali bucket list and start ticking them off

Do feel free to suggest any other experiences that you would consider as an absolute must-do.

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