Couple to get married at SPAM museum

A man who changed his middle name to 'I Love Spam' is getting married to his fiance in a SPAM museum.

A man who changed his middle name to 'I Love SPAM' is getting married in a SPAM museum.

Mark Benson - who changed his middle name from 'William' to 'I Love Spam' by deed poll after being obsessed with the product that was introduced to him by his grandad - was surprised when his fiancée Anne Mousley announced they would be exchanging their vows at the museum dedicated to the canned meat product in America when they tie the knot later this year.

She told the Liverpool Echo newspaper: "He saw on the news last year that the SPAM museum had just been revamped and he just said 'we are going there.'

"So then the wedding fund was turned into saving to go to the museum."

And Mark has dubbed the surprise venue plans as a "dream come true".

He added: "It is a dream come true. I literally cannot believe it. I had no idea she had planned this, none what so ever."

The pair will get hitched at the venue in April and will be the first couple to get married there.

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