Spring Beauty

A springtime visit to Tokyo is perfect for taking in the gorgeous sight of cherry blossoms in bloom

With cherry blossoms blooming through the city, spring is no doubt one of the loveliest times to visit Tokyo. Cherry blossom season is anticipated to begin sometime between late March to early April — if you’re planning a trip, here are some of the best spots for some sakura fun!

Shinjuku Gyoen
One of Tokyo’s largest parks, Shinjuku Gyoen has over a thousand cherry trees, making it one of the most popular spots for cherry blossom viewing. The park boasts several tree varieties, which means the flowers will bloom at slightly staggered timings. While you’re here, pick out a cherry blossom themed souvenir from one of the shops or souvenir stands, all of which add to the buzzy atmosphere.

Ueno Park
This is another popular spot for cherry blossom viewing, with over a thousand cherry trees as well as spacious grounds for picnickers. Be inspired by the locals here and bring along a bento for your own hanami party — just be sure to come early to claim your space.

Rikugien Gardens
Known for its weeping cherry trees, this traditional Japanese garden stays open till 9pm and illuminates the trees when dusk falls, making for a really special nighttime viewing experience. The flowers here tend to bloom earlier than most places in the city centre, so visit earlier to enjoy them at their peak.

For a viewing experience like no other, head to Tokyo’s largest amusement park. Hop on the gondola or the ferris wheel, both of which offer breathtaking views of the park’s many cherry trees. For the adventurous, head straight for the rollercoaster, which offers a thrilling albeit very quick sakura experience — don’t close your eyes!

This area around the moat of the Imperial Palace offers several spots for cherry blossom viewing. You could stroll along the 700-metre path lined with cherry trees — a magical sight especially at night when the blooms are illuminated, or you could join the crowds waiting to rent a paddle boat from the boathouse. Drifting along the moat while leisurely gazing up to the canopies of sakura blooms is one of the most atmospheric ways to enjoy the season.

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