Review: KFIT vs Passport Asia vs GuavaPass

Fitness passes are brilliant if you haven’t committed to a gym or studio just yet. The ease of access to different activities, places and schedules is also perfect if you’re easily bored, have an unpredictable schedule, or just love to learn new things

For the uninitiated
16 Feb 2016

For the uninitiated

How exactly do these apps work? Well, they’re platforms that consolidate fitness partners, ranging from gyms, yoga, dance and even facilities for rock climbing and golf, that you can access for a monthly subscription fee. All you need is to check the schedule of what’s available classes. There’s definitely a greater incentive to try out activities you’ve always wanted (but could always find excuses for not doing).

However, there’s usually a limit to the number of times you can visit a studio during each monthly cycle, and late-cancellation / no-show fees do apply. So while you have the freedom to book and cancel classes, do keep in mind cancellation windows vary with each app and studio.

For your easy reference, here’s the breakdown on the current three main contenders, Passport Asia, GuavaPass and KFit:

Passport Asia
16 Feb 2016

Passport Asia

Although a later entrant than GuavaPass and KFit, Passport Asia has an impressive array of partners and recently reported profits after just 6 months, possibly aided with strong marketing through social media platforms. They also have the best flexibility in subscription plans for those who may already have a gym membership and just want a complement.

Partners and classes: Available in 8 countries, but memberships are limited to partners in individual cities. Has more than 300 partners in Singapore and 50,000 classes.

Includes: Anthem, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Climb Asia, R-Evolution, The Yoga Co, Wrestling Federation of Singapore

Booking and cancellation policies: You need to check-in on the app before class. Late cancellation fee (less than 8 hours before the class) of S$7 and a no-show fee of S$15.

Membership flexibility: Three-tiers available – 1 class for S$9.99 per month (Trial Pass), 4 classes for S$59 per month (Basic Pass), and $99.99 per month (Unlimited)

Other policies: Cancellation of memberships is possible one working day before next billing. You can also pause your pass for one cycle (30 days) for S$5.

App: Seems the most user-friendly, allowing one to search by keywords through both studios and activities. Each activity comes with detailed descriptions on both the class and studio, amenities available, and even contact details.

16 Feb 2016


Best thing about GuavaPass? You can use it in all cities, which is perfect for those who fly a lot, and it sure beats hotel gyms. The company has a very community-centric and personal approach. They also have GuavaPerks, which includes partners with non-sports related BocGreen, ClubVivre, Uber, even BrowHaus and Strip.

Partners and classes: Currently available in 9 countries including Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Dubai, Shanghai, Melbourne, Sydney, Manila, Jakarta. However, the selection is Singapore is significantly fewer as compared to KFit and Passport Asia.

Includes: BYCH Hot Yoga, Aqua Spin – YWCA, Impact MMA

Booking and cancellation policies: Each member can take up to 3 classes per monthly membership cycle for most studios. Late cancellation fee (less than 12 hours before the class) starts at S$15. No-show fee is $20.

Price: $139 per month

Other policies: Cancel anytime before the start of the next billing cycle.

App: Includes in-depth information about each class, including what to bring and available amenities.

16 Feb 2016


Started by the founder of Groupon Malaysia with two other co-founders, KFIT has the widest range of activities as well as facilities and gyms. Like Passport Asia, membership access is limited to one city.

Partners and classes: Largest network in Singapore with 570 partners and at least 2,000 classes and activities available every week.

Includes: Anahata Yoga, The Yoga Co, Willow Stream Spa, Gymboxx, Singapore Tennis School, golf courses, Wavehouse @ Sentosa

Booking and cancellation policies: Most of the classes can be booked an hour before it starts. Late cancellation and no-show fees are both S$15. Some studios require cancellation the day before (23:59), but most allow for two hours before the classes.

Price: $99 per month for unlimited classes. The free Basic Plan gives access to one class a month..

Other policies: Requires writing in 7 working days before the next monthly cycle to be downgraded to the Basic Plan.

App: Able to search for studios by location, ratings, trending. Comes with information on the studio along with user reviews (really useful) and links to the studio’s social media platforms.

Discount: S$50 off your first month when you use this discount code.

Verdict: Ultimately, it depends on what you’re looking for. As someone who has all traits above – haven’t been able to commit to one membership, easily bored, unstable work schedule, love to try new things, Kfit is my personal favourite for its variety of partners and price point. In the three months I’ve been on it, I’ve found yoga studios and instructors who taught me so much, tried out things from pole dancing to gymnastics and calisthenics, and still have many yet to try out: rock climbing, spa, trampoline classes.

The app isn’t the best out of the lot but I actually prefer going to the website to read reviews and plan possible classes. And you can now try the first month out at $49/month, which is cheaper (sadly) than a good steak and a bottle of wine.

This story first appeared on City Nomads.

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