Get ready to swoon over Singapore’s 5 hottest fitness guys

From a smooth-talking wrestler to a charismatic Yogi - ladies and gentlemen - your eyes are in for a real treat. And we know what you’re thinking: they’re all taken. Sorry!

1. The Ladykiller
30 Mar 2016

1. The Ladykiller

Photo: Najwan Noor

Dennis Hui, Trader at Brahman Capital Management and Pro Wrestler

The 30-year-old trader picked up wrestling by chance after volunteering as a photographer for Singapore Pro Wrestling (SPW) – Singapore’s first professional wrestling league - when it started in 2012. After helping out at a few shows, Dennis, whose closest encounter with wrestling back then was playing PlayStation, decided he wants to be a part of the action instead of watching by the ringside.

He started training with SPW in June 2014 and made his debut as the character of Dennis “The Ladykiller” in December the same year. These days, he splits his time between his day job as a Futures Trader and night pursuit as a wrestler.

The mix of charming wits, boyish looks and a showy title like “The Ladykiller” definitely justifies his place on this list. The smooth-talker also goes by another nickname in the SPW ring and social media hall of fame as #TheSharkofShentonWay - the “homeboy representing the white-collar guys of Shenton Way”.

Becoming a professional wrestler, was it a dream come true for you?
Yes it was! You know how secondary school boys are, they like slamming each other at the back of the classroom. I was one of them. And now I actually get to do it in a safe and protected environment.

How did “The Ladykiller” ring name come about?
Years ago, a girl called me that in a passing comment. So I thought, why not be the smooth talker? The flashy sort of character since everyone else wants to be the tough guy. I also customised my ridiculous snakeskin tights to match my ring name.

So you’re living up to the fancy moniker then? How has it set you apart from the other SPW’s wrestlers?
I guess the ladykiller [in me] came before the wrestler since the name was given to me before my wrestling career. I perform with a head-turning showiness, and with moves akin to a gymnast’s light-footed finesse. Seamless like nice underwear and slick like fresh wax. Compare me against the stereotypical jacked-up wrestlers with brute force, and people will instantly take notice of this smoother operator.  

The Ladykiller
30 Mar 2016

The Ladykiller

Photo: J.Judisun Photography

How do your girlfriend and family feel about it?
She enjoys it. Wrestling is all about theatrics and she knows that everything is scripted. My parents are ok with it; my dad used to watch wrestling a lot and my mum just lets me do whatever I want. My sister comes to watch my shows. They’ve all been really supportive.

What’s your diet and training regime like before a match?
To look lean, I skip carbs and salt in my diet a week before the match. I drink a lot of green tea for diuretic effect, and go for sauna sessions to purge water from the body. Fluid retention makes you less ripped. During off-season, I stay in shape with Crossfit, but I’d stop one week before the match so that my body can recover for optimal in-ring performance.

Have you had any serious injuries from your wrestling career?
My shoulders are messed up. I got injured while training for my debut match. I can’t raise my left hand above my head fully.

Link to Facebook and Instagram: @ladykiller.spw

2. The I-Am-Body-Beautiful
30 Mar 2016

2. The I-Am-Body-Beautiful

Darren Stephen Lim, Director/master trainer of D’Fitness, and international competitive fitness model

Busting his butt in various workout videos and showing off his chiselled form on his social media accounts are all in a day’s work for the 38-year-old fitness trainer-model. Well, you can’t blame the guy for flaunting his massively on-point physique (with abs we could wash our clothes on), can you?

And Darren sure knows how to put his hot bod to good use. The well-groomed and soft-spoken trainer came in third place at the Manhunt Singapore 2009 competition and was a finalist on Cleo's most Eligible Bachelors the same year. And he came in fifth, competing against international fitness models at the World Beauty Fitness & Fashion (WBFF) Miami 2014 Fitness Model competition - the highest placing for Singapore ever.

So don’t hate him coz the body’s beautiful, baby.

Have you always wanted to be a fitness trainer?
No. I stumbled into the industry by chance. I love basketball and had always wanted to play in the NBA. But I was very sick growing up, and kept falling ill throughout my childhood and during my National Service days even though I was very active in soccer and basketball. After my National Service, I chanced upon FISAF (Federation of International Sports, Aerobics and Fitness), an international personal training certification body and decided to sign up for it to learn more about my body function. It was then that I discovered the reason for my weak immune system – my bad eating habits.

What kind of bad eating habits?
I have a sweet tooth and used to eat all kinds of junk food. My killer point was coco pop crunch with condensed milk, and fast food. I’m not saying that I’ve grown out of my old eating habits but now I strive for a well-balanced diet.

Aside from staying fit and healthy, do you pay a lot of attention to your looks?
Yes, strictly for personal reasons because I’m just vain (laughs). 

The I-Am-Body-Beautiful
30 Mar 2016

The I-Am-Body-Beautiful

Photo: J.Judisun Photography

Do you have any grooming routine or tips to share?
Clean shaved, that’s the best. And always dress presentably. For me, a good first impression is very important.

You must have had a fair share of attention. What is the most bizarre or unforgettable encounter you’ve had?
This happened after the Cleo Bachelor competition. Back then, I was a freelance personal trainer and I did home visits. I was into the third or fourth visit of a client’s training session when she greeted me at the door in her lingerie. I was shocked but she said she was “going to get ready”. I thought she meant to get changed into her exercise gear but she changed out of everything – as in naked. After being pushed to the wall (literally), I was speechless and uncomfortable. But when it comes to work, I have to keep things professional although I really can’t recall what I said to her then! (Laughs) It’s definitely an encounter that I would “most like to forget” because to date she’s still my client.

What if she decides to pursue the indecent proposal after your work hours?
If that’s the case, she can inquire again later! (Laughs) Well, she actually apologised after the incident so we’re all good now. Be nice and don’t judge, that’s what I always tell myself.

Link to Facebook and Instagram: @dslasher

3. The Shy Guy
30 Mar 2016

3. The Shy Guy

Photo: Sammy Phua

Sammy Phua, Owner/Head trainer of The System Gym and certified Muay Thai Instructor

You might recognise his personable face and winning smile from the 2015 Singapore Senior Manhunt competition, and you probably would. The 34-year-old former national rugby player bagged the Senior Manhunt title last December and life since then for the self-proclaimed introvert has been a tad more interesting…on the social media front, at least.

Of a pretty shy but easy-going nature, Sammy, who’s been in the fitness industry for over 13 years, counts building board games, creating paper model of the human body, and working on “just-for-fun research on cancer stuff” as his kind of pastimes. Oh, he believes in the reality of parallel universes too.

Pretty fly for a shy guy, isn’t he?

Have you always wanted to be in this industry?
I love sports and always knew that I wanted to do something related to it. I’m always fascinated by the science of the human body so I became a fitness trainer, and studied for my sports science degree at the same time. As I started to meet more clients, I was exposed to the different types of physiological and medical conditions. That got me interested to explore further and I applied for medical school. But due to financial reasons, I did my Masters in Health Science instead.

Any regrets not going to medical school?
None. As a doctor, you have to go by the books whereas this job allows me to be creative. I enjoy “prescribing” different types of exercise programmes to help individuals with their unique sets of problems. Exercising is not all about losing weight; I’ve even helped clients with clinical depression. In a way, I see myself as a “healer” of sorts (laughs).

Besides fitness and the human body, what other hobbies do you have?
I love creating board games. I like to translate my thoughts into something that can be done. Sometimes I’d make the board games and play them with my wife and friends; sometimes I’d just create a game in my head and play it in my head.

The Shy Guy
30 Mar 2016

The Shy Guy

Photo: J.Judisun Photography

How has winning the Senior Manhunt title changed your life?
Everybody wants to be my friend! During and after the competition, my Facebook account was flooded with many friends requests – mostly from males (laughs). My wife would laugh at me. At first I would just accept all of them out of courtesy. It got to a point where I reached the maximum friends limit and some of them were asking inappropriate questions.

What’s the most bizarre question you’ve ever received?
The typical pickup line goes something like, “Are you a trainer?” before they deviate to the really ridiculous ones. Once, a guy asked me if I would like to be his “mistress”. I also had a strange encounter with a fan, he’d always stop by at my gym to say hi and he was always at the Manhunt events just to support me.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate yourself in terms of looks?
I think I’m average, so maybe a 6. (Laughs) Before I met my wife, I had no fashion sense whatsoever. I’m usually in shorts and workout outfits. I bought my first [and only] pair of jeans and sneakers after Manhunt. I used to go clubbing in my track pants and people would talk behind my back.

Link to Facebook and Instagram: @sammyphua

4. The charming Yogi
30 Mar 2016

4. The charming Yogi

Photo: Gajju

Gajendra Badwal (Gajju), Yoga teacher at Real Yoga

They say a man who does yoga is usually in touch with his senses, likely to be a deep thinker, a good listener and has a good sense of humour. With all the above and a lean yogi physique, we can see why this dishy Dad is such a hit with the ladies in his classes.

Born and brought up in Rishikesh in India, Gajju, a certified Yoga teacher with more than a decade of extensive experience teaching all levels of classes, relocated to Singapore in 2010 after getting a job offer from his former employer, True Yoga.

How did you find your way into the world of Yoga?
I come from a family of Yogis but I was the last one to start practicing. During my college days, I was very into fitness workouts, like, weight lifting. But I was tempted by the “fame” and attention my elder brother was getting as the captain on the Yoga board in college, so that got me interested (laughs).

I started practicing Yoga and taught some basic classes in 2000. It wasn’t until 2007 that I met my Yoga master, and that opened up my eyes to the complete system of Yoga - not just the physical but also the mental and spiritual side.

Do you pay a lot of attention to your image?
Always look your best because first impression counts. Although I don’t buy the idea of being a good looker as a Yoga teacher, keeping in a good shape is important because I’m in this industry and I want to be a good example to my students. In terms of fashion, I’d say I’m fashionable but in a comfortable way. I enjoy dressing up even though I’m mostly in yoga wear due to my schedule.

Do you get often get special attention from your students?
(Laughs) Yes. Actually this is something that comes with the job and I can totally understand why. Years ago when I just arrived in Singapore, a female student would follow me everywhere I went. She would know my exact schedule, even down to my teatime. She got angry after I told her to stop. Well, when you’re a teacher, you’re special and people look up to you when you’re special. I’m sure this is very common in the fitness industry.

The charming Yogi
30 Mar 2016

The charming Yogi

Photo: J.Judisun Photography

So you met your wife through a former student? Tell us more.
My mother-in-law used to come to my Yoga classes. I’m usually very friendly with all my students so we got along pretty well. Once we met outside and she was having coffee with her daughter…and things happened. In a way, it was easy for me since I didn’t have to get any parental consent because her mother already knew me (laughs).

What is the biggest misconception that people have about Yoga teachers?
There are two types of Yoga teachers. One is the spiritual type who’s often dressed in a robe, the “enlightenment” type; and the other type is the modern teacher, one who’s fit, flexible and good looking. Nothing is wrong with these two types, but do not connect that to a Yoga teacher. Just because someone behaves or dresses in a certain manner does not necessarily make them a Yogi. Look at the teachings, not the person. That’s important when it comes to finding a Yoga teacher.

Link to Facebook and Instagram: @yogbindu

5. The pretty face Pit Bull
30 Mar 2016

5. The pretty face Pit Bull

Photo: Evolve MMA

Bruno Pucci, Fighter and Instructor at Evolve Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

A serious hottie with a body, it’s easy to see why Bruno Pucci, the 26-year-old Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Champion and Evolve fight team member (he’s signed to ONE Championship), is one of Evolve’s most popular instructors. But there’s more to his pretty face and six-pack abs than meets the eye.

Known by his fight name, “Pucci Bull” – a nickname from his school friends (as pitbulls are always associated with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu), Bruno was far from being developmentally appropriate as a kid, let alone an athletic child. Born in Brazil, he started training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) at 13 years old for medical reasons, and made the transition to mixed martial arts after relocating to Singapore to teach four years ago.

You had health issues as a kid and turned to BJJ. How did that happen?
I had to take hormone pills to help my body grow when I was young but the medicine affected my metabolism. So I was ordered by my doctor to exercise and watch my diet. One day, I was out with my dad when we came across a martial arts gym, and I decided to try, out of curiosity, and I liked it. At that time, aside from playing World Wrestling Entertainment video games, I was never into any sports until I discovered BJJ. I began training and eventually became more serious in BJJ (at 16 years old) after participating in competitions.

As a professional MMA fighter, how has that affected your life?
Martial arts can change life. It’s not only fun, it keeps me fit and builds up my self-confidence. It’s also a lot about self-defence. Some people fight for money, fame and recognition. For me, it’s passion. I enjoy the preparation aspect because it’s about learning to overcome your own fears. It has helped me a lot so I hope to be able to teach and inspire my students.

You are often praised for your good looks. On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being the worst and 10 being best), how would you rate yourself?
5, maybe? I think I’m a little bit above average. 

The pretty face Pit Bull
30 Mar 2016

The pretty face Pit Bull

Photo: J.Judisun Photography

Do you pay a lot of attention to your image?
I pay a lot more attention to my physique than image. As an athlete, I want to see results. I look good because I train. I don’t train to look good. I try to pay attention to my style. I’d like to dress up and follow the trend but I don’t know how (laughs). Comfort is key. And the weather here is damn hot! So it’s shorts and slippers most times.

Do you get a lot of female or male attention? How does your girlfriend feel?
Yeah (laughs). Once after my fight in Jakarta, a lady messaged me on Facebook and asked if I would like to be a social escort. And some guys would leave me their phone numbers on my Instagram page. My girlfriend just laughs it off. She comes to my fights so she understands my lifestyle. I’m into this because I want to win the fights but there’s the other aspect of MMA, which is the entertainment value. So, we need the fans.

If you had to choose, what would you say is your best feature?
My mouth. I usually get compliments for my mouth [and my smile].
(Editor’s note: We were tempted to delve deeper but figured we’d just leave it to your imagination.)

Link to Facebook and Instagram: @bpucci

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