Eat List Star Finalist: Charlotte Mei de Drouas

Top 10 Finalist


Singaporean Charlotte de Drouas is a nutritionist and a self-taught cook with a fierce passion for food. The bubbly and affable 23-year-old considers herself privileged to be exposed to a myriad of cuisines from a young age, having grown up in both Asia and Europe. She is a fan of British on-screen chefs Nigella Lawson and Jamie Oliver, and fondly remembers whiling afternoons away immersed in their TV programmes. However, Charlotte is partial to a more inventive approach to cooking. Calling her cooking philosophy “fusion, experimental, recalcitrant” – she hopes to combine all her foodie passions if she emerges at the top of Eat List Star. This includes generating solutions to reduce food waste as well as to increase food availability to those in need.

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