Eat List Star Finalist: Hatta Teo

Top 10 Finalist


Hatta Teo is a revenue manager by day, and an experimental chef by night. The 28-year-old Singaporean perceives cooking as a skill that can help one to be self-reliant. He has a soft spot for pasta dishes as they are versatile and can be easily put together, but impresses with multi-course meals when he has friends over. His initial kitchen endeavours were shaped by his step-father, a hotelier based in Bangkok, who would always wow him with his culinary creations. He is also inspired by Jamie Oliver’s efforts in advocating affordable, delicious and healthy food. Time spent living overseas lay the foundations of his belief in living as the locals do wherever he travels to in order to push his personal boundaries and gain an appreciation for different cultures. He looks forward to communicating the joys of food to a wider audience through Eat List Star.

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