Eat List Star Finalist: Jennifer Angela lee

Top 10 Finalist


Jennifer Lee is a Singapore-based Australian who sees cooking as a journey to learn about cultures, history and people. Her greatest inspiration in the kitchen comes from the people she has interacted with, and the countries she has travelled to. Moving to London and having access to a plethora of ingredients and cultures was a turning point in Jennifer’s culinary journey, as her passion for food grew through her experiences of cooking for friends, and exchanging stories about travel and life through food. The professional chef defines her style of cuisine as rustic and simple, but with bold flavours. Her dishes are a reflection of her food memories, and are crafted to evoke diners’ personal recollections of pleasurable dishes. The 34-year-old believes that taking a risk and stepping out of her comfort zone can lead to many opportunities, and she hopes to achieve this through her journey on Eat List Star.

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