Eat List Star Finalist: Suriyana Binte Jumari

Top 10 Finalist


Suriyana Binte Jumari is a charming home cook and prolific Instagrammer known for her delectable halal marshmallow treats. The 33-year-old has always loved cooking and eating – an interest that stemmed from her home economics classes in secondary school. Suriyana has a knack for being creative with her ingredients, ensuring that she utilises what she has in her pantry to the best of her abilities. The ingredients she can’t do without are chillies and onions, which she believes are essential in Asian cuisine. One of her biggest inspirations is Datuk Chef Wan, an iconic personality in the region with his own successful television programmes and restaurants. Through Eat List Star, Suriyana hopes to be able to share her sincere love and enthusiasm for cooking with everyone. 

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