Alessia Cara is 'paranoid' about 'cleansing'

Alessia Cara is "paranoid" about making sure she gets all her makeup off her face when she is cleansing at night.

Alessia Cara is 'paranoid' about 'cleansing'

Alessia Cara is "paranoid" with getting all her makeup off her face when she is cleansing.

The 'Trust My Lonely' singer has a glowing, dewy complexion and she has now shared her evening skin routine with fans and revealed she takes tips from Korean skincare to make sure she "double cleanses" and takes off every last bit of the day's products.

Speaking to Harper's Bazaar US, Alessia said: "So the first step in my night time routine is cleansing, I just started using an oil cleanser before my water cleanser, I really, really like it and I primarily focus on my eyes because I feel like eye makeup is really hard to take off.

"When you think all of your makeup is off, it's really not so that's were step two comes in, I got the double cleansing method from a Korean skincare routine that's really popular. I feels safe and like I got everything off. My next step is actually using Garnier Skin Active Micellar Water, as you can see, I'm really paranoid about getting everything of my face."

The 22-year-old Canadian Grammy Award winner also confessed that she gets a lot of skincare tips from YouTube and she learned it was important to moisturise her neck from the video sharing site.

Alessia added: "I love moisturiser, the first one I use is Dear Hydration Boosting Cream because it feels like water and I love it so much.

"I watch a lot of YouTube videos on skincare and the one thing I learned is every moisturiser you put on your face, you put on your neck as well. I think it helps with aging and stuff, I'll come back in 40 years and tell you!"

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