Carrie Wong, Romeo Tan give us a peek at their dream bags

Just for fun: the newly appointed Bonia ambassadors try their hand at designing their own bags for the brand


Bag lover Carrie Wong makes no apologies for her love for designer arm candy. The 25-year-old actress is often photographed toting the latest “it” bags and has acquired quite an enviable collection: we’re not talking about just 10 to 20 sacs - the self-confessed collector has upwards of 50 bags consisting of a mix of designer and no-brand ones.

“It doesn’t have to be designer, I will buy a bag as long as I like it. I even have bags from Taiwan night markets. They are cheap and don’t really last very long but it doesn’t matter because they look nice,” quipped the actress during an interview with Toggle at a Bonia event last Wednesday (Mar 6).

Needless to say, Carrie was over the moon when she and fellow actor Romeo Tan were chosen as the first local faces of Bonia, which counts Taiwanese model-actress Sonia Sui as a former ambassador. She has a Bonia bag named after her and even collaborated with the brand to create a line of super adorable bags in 2013.

So if Carrie and Romeo could design their own bags, what would they look like?

“I like crossbody bags and recently, I am also into long, rectangular bags, so I would design something small and sharp - just big enough for my mobile phone, wallet and car keys,” she said while sketching the flap bag. To keep it chic and elegant like the brand, she would give it a checkered or tweed fabric and accent it with a gold chain strap – interchangeable, of course.

“Personally, I don’t like to carry big bags. And because this is so versatile, I would carry this almost everywhere I go and on any occasion. You can never go wrong with something classy,” she added.

As for the name of her dream bag, Carrie hesitated before suggesting almost embarrassedly, “The Carrie”.

Ohhh-kay. Not the most ingenious name, but we’d totally carry the Carrie.

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