Rebecca Lim already has a dream engagement ring in mind… and it’s not exactly modest

The Goldheart ambassador sure knows her diamonds.

It’s hardly surprising that celebrities have some of the most stunning engagement rings, running from the quirky to the over-the-top. But for Rebecca Lim, her dream engagement ring is something “very simple” with a “tiny” diamond - but it’s not for the reason you might expect.

“I am terrified that I will lose it because I am always losing my stuff, so I think smaller is better, then my husband can buy me another one!” the actress and Goldheart Jewelry ambassador quipped during our chat at the grand opening of the brand’s ION Orchard boutique last Saturday (Oct 20). “I don’t want to start a quarrel at such an early stage of my marriage!”

The sparkler the 33-year-old has in mind might sound simple, but it is not exactly modest. For one, “it has to be shiny”. Very shiny. What this means is the diamond has to be of the best cut and the most flawless clarity. Yes, the girl has done her homework.

While sketching her dream rock, she told us that the ring would be in white gold with “a half carat round diamond with a very good cut” for maximum sparkle.

“It has to be VVS1 (clarity grade) from Goldheart’s Celestial range. What I like about the Celestial range is that it has a special blue stone on the inside of the band, which ‘links to the heart’. I like the meaning behind it because it means you are not just connected based on a ring, it’s like an artery to the heart,” said Rebecca.

“Plus, I also think it is not the size that matters, but the quality and meaning behind the gift, so a simple band with a solitaire and maybe our wedding date engraved on it (so I will not forget our anniversary) will do.”

But this wasn’t always the case for Becks, who admitted to wanting a “minimum of three carats” when she was much younger, ‘cause the bigger the better, right? Fortunately – or unfortunately - for her future husband, she no longer subscribes to this notion, as she joked that she’d rather he invest in a good quality diamond. “And the rest of the cash, he can pass it to me! (Laughs)”

A check with Goldheart revealed that the price for Rebecca’s dream ring would cost around $7,000 - more than double of that with a lower grade diamond. So, Becks’ future husband, you’d better start saving up.


Rebecca at Goldheart's refurbished flagship boutique at ION Orchard.

Rebecca is no stranger to engagement rings, having helped many friends and siblings pick out “the one”. And when it is her turn to get hitched, she expects them to return the favour. And PSA to her future hubby: do NOT ask her to pick out her own ring.

“It must be a surprise!” she insisted, adding that it is also a test to see how well he knows her. So, do her friends and family know what her dream ring looks like? “They know now,” she chuckled. “But I think they will scold me for having such low standards! It’s too simple.”

Well, simple can be beautiful. As we chatted with the actress, it dawned on us that simplicity is a common thread that ties Rebecca’s dream wedding together, from the bridal gown to the reception. Yup, she has those all thought out too.

“The gowns are constantly changing. When I was much younger, I wanted something with a princess cut. Then I started doing a lot of wedding photo shoots and shows, and I realised those are the hardest to walk in, so something simple like what I am wearing (from Viktor and Rolf) or maybe even a white suit,” she said dreamily.

For the wedding, just a solemnisation followed by a cosy buffet dinner will do. “Everything done in one day,” she said. “No destination wedding because I am a very bad planner and it’s too much work, and definitely not a beach wedding. Nope. No sun for me.”

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