Hollywood carpets causing style chaos

Saoirse Ronan's stylist, Elizabeth Saltzman, has admitted she and other fashion experts now have to "ask for carpet colours" ahead of major events.

Hollywood carpets causing style chaos

Hollywood stylists have to "ask for carpet colours" ahead of major events.

The traditional red carpet is occasionally switched for different hues to match the theme of awards ceremonies or movie premieres and it's caused havoc for experts dressing their famous clients as they no longer know what will look good in pictures.

Saoirse Ronan's stylist, Elizabeth Saltzman, admitted: "Stylists have to ask for carpet colours now that red isn't guaranteed and there are so many props in the background.

"When the Emmys changed the red carpet to purple and gold, it messed up everyone's photos!"

She told British Vogue: "The red carpet has been like a wheat sheaf sprouting many different stems.

"There's no synchronicity between stylists. There's no group stories."

At last weekend's Golden Globes, Saoirse broke from her usual romantic style and opted for a slinky Celine gown so was initially uncertain about the Erdem dress she wore to the Critics' Choice Awards on Sunday (12.01.20).

Elizabeth admitted her client had said: "I wonder if this is still me."

But the 25-year-old star ultimately agreed it was "fun" to show her different sides through fashion.

The stylist said: "The whole point is that the Erdem dress is the antithesis to the Golden Globes look. It's fun to show different sides to Saoirse."

And the 'Little Women' star was fascinated by the story of Modotti, Erdem's creative and activist muse who adopted a number of personas through her life.

Elizabeth said: "He (Erdem Moralıoğlu) is an exquisite designer. You always know that his garments are never follies, they are well-researched with magnificent attention to detail

"Every interaction with Erdem is a history lesson. He goes beyond the influences and references of other designers."

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