Jamie Dornan's dream wardrobe only has 12 items

Jamie Dornan admitted that as he lives in the countryside his "style goes out the window".

Jamie Dornan's dream wardrobe only has 12 items

Jamie Dornan's dream wardrobe has just 12 items in it.

The 36-year-old actor admitted living in the countryside with his wife Amelia Warner and their two daughters, Dulcie, four and Elva, two, doesn't really lend itself to being fashionable as anything he does wear quickly gets dirty.

In an interview with Britain's GQ magazine, he said: "My dream scenario is opening my wardrobe and having just 12 things in it. I live in the countryside and I'm in Wellington boots a lot, which means style goes out the window.

"If I do spend money on something really nice, chances are it'll be covered in mud and dog hair instantly, so we keep that stuff in boxes at our place in London."

Although the '50 Shades of Grey' star loves wearing casual clothing and wellington boots, he also has a taste for luxury brands and is a fan of German fashion house Hugo Boss as well as French retailer Hartford.

He said: "I've always worn a lot of Boss. When I was modelling I did four campaigns for them, so we've always had a bit of an association.

"I also like Hartford. It does great shirts. It's French, isn't it? So it's just cool. It's also very accessible. You can wear it at the beach but you could also wear it to a fancy dinner."

It's not just clothing the 'The Fall' actor buys from the German designer - he confessed that although he'll spend hours shopping for scents with his wife, he always opts for the brand's signature fragrance.

He said: "We'll spend hours at Selfridges or Liberty. She'll make me smell something and I am instantly like, 'No, no, no.'

"I think Boss the Scent is seductive. It's masculine."

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