Kaia Gerber takes on Cindy Crawford with Omega watches partnership

Kaia Gerber says being part of the Omega Watches family feels special to her because of her mother, supermodel Cindy Crawford''s, long-standing partnership with the brand.

Kaia Gerber takes on Cindy Crawford with Omega watches partnership

Kaia Gerber wears Omega watches as her "lucky charm".

The 16-year-old model is partnering with the Swiss luxury watchmaker, thereby following in the footsteps of her mother Cindy Crawford, who first teamed up with the brand 20 years ago, and Kaia loves wearing her Tresor watch from the collection because it reminds her of her family, including dad Rande Gerber and brother Presley Gerber.

Kaia said: "I wear the Tresor every day - and I actually have my own one so for once don't have to steal hers [Cindy's], it really reminds me of my family so I love wearing it, it's kind of like a lucky charm for me."

The brunette beauty - who recently starred in a campaign for Chanel - used to admire her mother's watch collection growing up.

But now Kaia is older and has a phone to tell the time on, she believes a watch should simply make you "feel good" and be something people really "want to wear".

She told Harper's Bazaar: "When I was very young I used to go into her closet and she had this little drawer of jewellery and I'd try the watches on, they'd be so big on me, they'd literally weigh my wrist down, but I used to love trying them all on. I'd try and put five on one wrist.

"You don't need watches to tell the time anymore so it's more about what [the watch] does for you, it has to be the kind of piece that you really want to wear.

"A watch has become something that I wear every day in the same way that I would wear perfume or earrings. If any accessory makes you feel good then you should wear it."

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