Maya Jama uses spoons in her beauty regime

Maya Jama's beauty routine involves cold spoons, ice, freezing peas and rubbing cucumbers all over her face.

Maya Jama uses spoons in her beauty regime

Maya Jama uses spoons as part of her beauty routine.

The 24-year-old presenter uses cold spoons, ice or freezing peas to reduce puffiness under her eyes, and has revealed she rubs cucumbers on her face as it's a key ingredient in her favourite skin creams.

In an interview with UK Glamour magzine, she said: "I swear by putting cold spoons, ice or freezing peas under my eyes when they're puffy. After I shower before bed, I douse myself in coconut oil and wake up as smooth as a baby.

"I'm a Kiehl's girl; they've got a spot eraser that's amazing. I've been putting cucumber on my face because most face creams I see have cucumber extract so I just wipe it on my face."

The 'True Lies or True Love' star has admitted that she learned most of her beauty lessons by mimicking girls at school, and not from her mum - who opts for a more natural look.

She said: "My earliest beauty memory was trying to do eyeliner at home in my mum's bathroom in Bristol. I'd seen all the girls doing liquid eyeliner at school and it was my favourite thing ever but the hardest thing to master in the world.

"I sat myself in the bathroom for hours with a face wipe wiping it off and redoing it until I could get a cat eye; that was the first bit of make-up I actually learnt how to do properly.

"My mum has always been quite natural with her make-up; she'll do bronzer, mascara and eyebrows but she didn't really experiment and I couldn't use her make-up because. Girls in school taught me more; we'd all watch how somebody had done theirs and copy it and sit in class talking about bronzer."

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