Tommy Hilfiger proud of transparency

Tommy Hilfiger is proud of the "transparency" of his clothing and their sustainable approach to fashion.

Tommy Hilfiger proud of transparency

Tommy Hilfiger is proud of the "transparency" of his clothing.

The designer knows modern consumers are interested in sustainable fashion and his eponymous label have embraced the trend and want to be as upfront as possible.

Discussing what young shoppers want, he said: "Sustainability, which we're all over. We've done a whole jeans collection with all recycled denim.

"This consumer wants to know how it's made, where it's designed, who's shipping it, who's sewing it, and how you are treating the sheep who are sheered for wool.

"We love that transparency. We want to say, 'We're with you.' We don't want anything to be under the rug."

Tommy has developed a see-now, buy-now approach to his runway shows and thinks "immediate gratification" is very important to his target market.

He told Footwear News: "We believe millennials want immediate gratification. They don't want to see something on the runway and wait six months to get it in the store or on our site when they've seen it on celebrities and on Instagram.

"They're also seeing it in the magazines way in advance, so by the time it reaches the selling floor it's like, 'Been there, done that, what's new?' So, we're giving them immediate gratification -- the chance to wear it the next day."

And the designer wants to push his brand's approach to diversity to a "new level" in the coming months.

He said: "Next year is our 35th anniversary. For 35 years, we're been inclusive and diverse.

"We really started streetwear as a result of embracing the young, hip-hop community. We have always had a diverse cast in our advertising and on the runway.

"People are just talking about it now. But I love it because I am taking it to a new level with size diversity, age diversity, we have trans models, we have boys wearing women's clothes.

"We have real life -- and I don't want to pretend we're only making clothes for a certain elite crowd. I want everyone to wear my clothes. That's also why they're affordable. Worldwide, I want everyone in my clothes."

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