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4 ways the right stove can up your cooking game

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There’s more to cooking than talent and the right recipe. The equipment you use play a part too. Choosing the right pots and pans and even stove can mean the difference between culinary success and meh. However, unlike cookware, you can’t change your stove at your whim and fancy so invest in one that suits your needs. 

Pick a gas stove

Gas hobs are a top choice for chefs and avid cooks for good reason. Compared to other types of stoves, they are more flexible and responsive (you can control the heat instantly), and are compatible with most cookware. But even then, not all gas stoves are equal.

rinnai hyper-burner

If you do a lot of Asian cooking, Rinnai’s Hyper Burners, which emit a powerful flame to ensure maximum heating power, and yet can be adjusted low enough to simmer stews and soups, would be your ideal choice.

And if you are tempted to make the switch, you will be pleased to know the Hyper Burner, with its flexible cut-out size, ensures the hob fits snugly on any cut-out dimension. No modifications to your countertop needed.

rinnai inner-burner
Rinnai's Inner Burner helps reduce energy consumption by heating cookware evenly, right from the middle.

More even cooking

Ever bitten into perfectly-browned meat only to find it raw on the inside? This is the result of uneven heat distribution. One solution is to rotate your pan as you cook, or for a fuss-free way out, use Rinnai's Inner Burner. Unlike typical gas hobs where the flame fans out, the Inner Burner, originated by Rinnai, produces a jet-like inner flame that heats cookware from the middle, cooking food more evenly.

Wok hei

When it comes to stir fries, there is nothing more satisfying than achieving the elusive wok hei. But extreme heat alone will not give you that complex, smoky flavour. For that, you need some serious fire power so that the bottom of your wok is super-hot. By cooking with an inner flame, there is higher heat efficiency as more heat is focused on the hot spot of your wok, cooking food faster while using less gas and allowing you to pick up that wok hei.

Better flame control

The flame or heat control is vital when it comes to cooking. The same ingredients can result in different taste and outcomes if the heat is not properly handled.

Despite only having one burner ring, the Inner Burner comes with a wide range of flame settings, giving you precise and perfect flame control for a wide variety of cooking, from simmering to wok-frying. And because you are cooking with an inner flame, you can turn the flame down to a very low level without fear of it being extinguished. Even if it does happen, the security feature will automatically cut off the gas supply and prevent gas leak.

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