Recipe: How to make chef Beppe de Vito’s Poached Oysters with Caserecce

Simple, yet rich and decadent, this pasta dish will be the envy of all your colleagues

Pasta is to the Italians what rice is to Asians. It is their ultimate comfort food and a blank canvas on which they express their culinary creativity, so it’s no surprise that Beppe de Vito, head chef at the Michelin-starred Braci, decided to create a pasta bento, Poached Oysters with Caserecce, for Toggle’s Bento Stars.

He kept the recipe simple, but the dish is anything but basic. In fact, this decadent lunchbox will be the envy of all your colleagues. Chef Beppe used fresh oysters, which are briny and creamy, and poached them in rich cream to absorb all the flavour. Fresh caserecce is his pasta of choice here because it has little crevices that are great for soaking up the sauce, but you can swap it with fusilli or penne which are more readily available.

The World is My Oyster by Chef Beppe de Vito 
Oysters With Caserecce Pasta

Note: Recipe is not 100 percent exact as all chefs on the show made room for free play and approximation common in home cooking.


6 oysters
1 bowl fresh caserecce pasta
2 shallots
Lemon peel
200ml double cream
50ml white wine
Salt (to taste)
Pepper (to taste)
Olive oil


1.      Chop the chives and dice the onions

2.      Shuck the oysters

3.      Separate the oysters from the shell, retaining the juices to reinforce flavour, filter the sediments from the juices

4.      Boil a full pot of water and season the water with salt for the pasta

5.      Add shallots and olive oil into a medium heat pot and sauté for a few minutes

6.      Add half a cup of white wine to the shallots and sauté for a few more minutes

7.      Add the double cream to the shallots and give it a good stir

8.      Peel lemon zests, trying as much as possible to peel only the yellow parts

9.      Add in the lemon peels, a few coriander branches into the pot of mixture

10.    Season with some pepper and a pinch of salt

11.    Pour into the pot the filtered oyster brine. Let the sauce cook for a few minutes

12.    Strain the pasta sauce

13.    Poach the oysters in the sauce for about 45 seconds

14.    Put the pasta into the pot of boiling water, make sure it's a rolling boil

15.    Strain the pasta and add it into in the sauce, give it a gentle stir

16.    Once the sauce is thickened, turn off the stove and continue stirring for a few minutes

17.   Add a pinch more of pepper and give it a stir

18.   Garnish with chives, a touch of pepper and olive oil, ready to serve

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