How Tanglin stars prepare to take on the Spartan Race

Gayle Nerva, Hatta Said, Darryl Yong, Sherly Ng and Constance Song share their training, hydration and post-race recovery techniques


Photos: Spartan Race Singapore (@spartanracesingapore), Gayle Nerva (@gaylenerva), Darryl Yong (@darryl_yong), Constance Song (@constancecraving), Sherly Ng (@lyzpopz), Vita Coco (@vitacocosg) via Instagram; Hatta Said Official Fanpage via Facebook; Channel 5

The Tanglin cast aren’t just family on local television - a group of them have signed up to take part in the Spartan Race together on May 7. And given that a few on Team Tanglin are newcomers to the gruelling obstacle race that involves running, climbing and even crawling through muddy terrain, we asked them what they’re doing to prepare for the event and how they’ll work to get everyone across the finish line.

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