The Bro Code and Muttons “butt heads” in EURO 2016 Challenge

The DJs get owned by balloons


VIDEO: Tan Shiqi

After suffering a crushing defeat in the first round of the EURO 2016 Challenge, the Bro Code, consisting of 987 DJs Gerald Koh and Joakim Gomez, launched an all-out assault to level the score against the Muttons’ Vernon A and Justin Ang.

The DJs went head-to-head - literally - in the first of three football-inspired challenges, Air Heads, where they competed to keep balloons afloat using basic header techniques. However, what was supposed to be a simple game of balloon soccer turned into a nail-biting competition that no one could have ever predicted.

Vernon even likened watching Justin and Joakim play to “seeing a mouse sew a shirt”. Watch and you’ll understand why:

Score after Round 2 of EURO 2016 Challenge:

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The Muttons and Bro Code face off in Euro 2016 challenge
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