3 Perfect Makeup Looks For CNY Visiting

And they’re super low maintenance too

Those of us who celebrate Chinese New Year know how it is: You bounce from home to home in the draining humidity, visiting family and friends with nary a minute to touch up your makeup.

So what sort of looks will do well in this weather and stay fresh through the day? Here are three that will have you looking fabulous, yet don’t require constant touch-ups. Now you’re ready to take on the festivities.

#1 Sweet pink

Berardi A bbt S16 004

Want to look radiant and pretty at the same time? Then there’s no better makeup shade than pink. And the best part is that you only need one main product for this look: A lip and cheek tint.

On clean semi-matte skin, apply it not only on the lips and cheeks but also on the eyelids for an all-over rosy glow. Finish with soft full brows and a coat or two of mascara.

#2 Edgy eyes

Aigner bbt S16 012

Take your makeup game up a notch with bold coloured eyeliner. Think bright, almost neon shades like electric blue or fuchsia pink for extra pop.

After lining eyes with your usual black eyeliner, apply your chosen coloured eyeliner shade in a thicker line on the upper eyelids. Then top it all off with mascara.

#3 All-out elegant

Leonard bbt S16 007

You don’t need lots of obvious makeup to look put-together - try this classy combi instead. Subtly brighten your eyes by applying white eyeshadow on your upper lids. To give your peepers definition, apply black eyeliner close to the lash line with a light hand and add two coats of mascara.

Complete your look with light swirls of blusher on the cheeks and a slick of pink-tinted lip balm on the lips.

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