Anupong Nualchawee’s creations for Eat List Star Challenge 1: Philips Challenge

Eat List Star

Savoury Dish:
Savoury Dish:
12 Apr 2016

Savoury Dish:

Basil Noodle with Torch Salmon, comes with sweet and sour and spicy sauce, and crispy asparagus 
The Thai spicy sauce was blended from coriander root, chili, garlic, lime juice, salt and sugar and it was served with the fresh torch Salmon and basil noodle prepared by the Philips noodle machine.


Serves 2


200g fresh salmon
1 asparagus stalk, shaved and chilled
10 coriander leaves
150g basil noodles
70ml sweet and sour sauce 

Basil Noodles 

220g all-purpose flour
50ml water
20 basil leaves
20 mint leaves
1 egg
1 teaspoon of salt  

Sweet, Sour and Spicy Sauce 

3pcs bird’s eye chilli
10 coriander leaves
8pcs garlic cloves
1 tsp salt
2½ tbsp palm sugar
2 tbsp of lime juice
1 tbsp of fish sauce  


Sweet and Sour and Spicy Sauce 

1) Blend all the ingredients together, and set aside in a bowl. 

Basil Noodles

1) Blend the basil and mint leaves with water and drain. Discard the residual paste.
2) Place the flour on a board or in a bowl and create a well in the centre with your hands. Crack the egg and pour the basil mint water into it. Mix the eggs and basil mint water with the flour using the tips of your finger, incorporating a little at a time until all combined.
3) Knead the dough by hand until it becomes smooth and firm.
4) Wrap the dough in cling film and rest for 1 hour in room temperature.
5) Dust the dough with flour and roll out into a flat sheet till about 2 mm thick. A pasta roller can be used if you have one at home. Cut the sheeted dough into strips, about 4 mm in width, to form noodles.
6) Add the noodles to boiling water and cook till al dente. Run the cooked noodles under cold water and set aside.  


1) Slice the fresh salmon into bite sized pieces.
2) Blowtorch over the salmon for about 15 seconds, or until edges are lightly singed and crisp. The edge of the flame should be about 1 inch above the fish.
3) Toss the basil noodles with the sweet, sour and spicy sauce. Arrange salmon slices on top of noodles. Drizzle more sauce if required for added flavour.
4) Garnish with shaved asparagus (about 5 shavings) and coriander. Serve immediately. 

Sweet dish:
Sweet dish:
12 Apr 2016

Sweet dish:

Mango-passion with creamy sticky rice
Mango passion creme'ux (custard cream fruit) served with creamy sticky rice prepared by the Philips rice cooker machine.

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