Caitanya Tan’s creations for Eat List Star Challenge 1: Philips Challenge

Eat List Star

Savoury dish:
Savoury dish:
13 Apr 2016

Savoury dish:

Auntie Cait's Papa's Curry

As a kid my papa would cook a special Sunday meal where we all got together around the table as a family. It would always include a dish my brothers and I would call 'Papa's curry'. It was special because we never really knew what was in there, but we knew it always contained something sweet, sour, salty, bitter, spicy, and umami.
It's The Dish, that piqued my interest in cooking. Playing with flavors and colours. Breaking rules only because as an untrained homecook, there was none! Finding shortcuts and replacing ingredients I didn't have in the fridge is a pastime. All because my papa broke it down to taste.

Sweet dish:

The Invisible ABanana-Cadabra!!

I made this dish, and it is invisible! So I'm naming it 'The Invisible ABanana-Cadabra'. Maybe it was an experiment gone wrong, but maybe.. It was Magic!

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